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Indonesia brings Seisa to amazing Places


Indonesian brings Seisa to amazing places 

What started as Indonesian classes at Portland Secondary College has led Seisia Kane to the Indonesian Presidential Place on Indonesian Independence Day.


Ms Kane was one of two university students selected Australia-wide to join 32 student representatives from 18 countries at the official celebrations as guests of the Education and Cultural Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy.This amazing opportunity came as a bit of a surprise for Ms Kane who was nominated by her university and then didn’t expect to be picked to be one of the two from Australia."I was really excited, I remember I was at home in Portland at the time and I had to read it a couple of times just to make sure I was reading it right," said Ms Kane.Ms Kane’s week long trip, which also saw her visit Bali, was centred on the Independence Day Celebrations on the 17th of August. Being the 70th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence the celebrations were heightened, according to Ms Kane."It was very big, there were a lot of the military involved, lots of important people around, even throughout the streets of Jakarta it was all decorated with white and red which are the Indonesian colours."Ms Kane attended the ceremony at the Presidential Palace in one of the rare occasions it was open to a wider range of people."There was a really big ceremony at the presidential palace in Jakarta, which you could compare it to government house in Canberra and it’s the first time that they have opened it up to other people other than really important in Indonesia," said Ms Kane."So it was a first to have people form different countries come in and other people from around Indonesia so that was that was pretty exciting. The presidential palace itself was really impressive."After her two days in Jakarta, Ms Kane spent four in Bali where she was able to experience some more of Indonesia’s history and culture.


All of this will come as a huge benefit to Ms Kane who is about to finish the second year of a five year double degree in Indonesian and law and has aspirations in international relations. "I want to do something in Indonesian and Australian relations, so something in the government or as part of a non-for profit organisation. For my career prospects and for just contacts in general it has been really good."Ms Kane is back in Australia now but it seems only a pit-stop as she will return to to Indonesia for the fourth time in November for a three-week tour run by the Flinders University Law School.


To download a pdf of this article click here.


Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.