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Mathematics Perfection




Mathematical Perfection  Obs 0626125




A perfect score is quite a rare achievement; 15-year-old gymnast Nadia Comăneci was awarded a perfect 10 at the 1976 Olympics, and Cy Young pitched a perfect game of baseball in 1904 at age 37.Portland Secondary College student Zak Heppenstall is another person whose achievement will be talked about for years to come, after being the only student to record a perfect score in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition this year."I am pleased with my result. It was the best possible outcome," said Zak, 16.Zak beat out 8000 specialist maths students from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China and did not study for the test; the only preparation he undertook was a pre-test.The CAT competition is a one-hour problem-solving competition that seeks to identify computer programming potential.There are six multiple choice questions and nine more challenging questions where an integer constitutes the solution to a problem."We presented Zak with the opportunity; he accepted it and took it from there," said Senior Maths coordinator Dale England. "It’s an outstanding individual achievement.""When I asked Zak whether he still wanted to utilise the remaining 10 minutes of his hour-long competition, he replied, No. I think I have done enough."


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Photo courtesy of the Portland Observer.