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Students tap into 40 Years of Experience


Senior Economics students at the Portland Secondary College were immersed with a wealth of knowledge last Wednesday, with Professor Neville Norman of the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne paying them a special visit.Drawing from his 40 years of experience, Professor Norman focused on the recent federal budget, giving the students the opportunity to role play different scenarios and theories.  Students were given the chance to show their understanding of macroeconomics and the role of policy as they tried to close the budget deficit by cutting expenditure or raising taxes.The professor came to Portland on the invitation of current economics teacher Chris Weinberg, who he supervised during his honours year in 2013 at the University of Melbourne.


Mr Weinberg said the class warmly received Professor Norman’s presentation on Wednesday."They were enthusiastic in the role-play activities he ran and listened attentively throughout. "Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss economic theories regarding federal budgets. "I got a lot of beneficial background regarding the Australian economy.  How it impacts on Australian policy making, how economic decisions made 10 years ago still affect our growing economy today," said student Annique Ray, 17. "I now know that the budget is only a short term fix, with no benefit in the run of the Australian economy; this budget is helping the Liberal Party stay in power rather than grow the Australian economy and lessen the budget deficit."


After the class Miss Ray’s classmate, Jake Edwards, 17, said he learned a lot from Professor Norman’s in-depth discussion on economics."I gained crucial information regarding the recently released budget and the pivotal background information influencing the government’s decisions."I now know the foundations of the federal budget and the intricate factors determining various policies implemented by the government "This definitely helped for the exam having a better overview of the budget and an insight to important policies that may be seen in the papers in November."


Melb University  Neville Norman 2015


To download a pdf of this article click here.


Photo courtesy of The Portland Observer.