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Teach the Teacher


In the last days of term one, as many teens cast their minds towards holidays and chocolate, a select group of students at the Portland Secondary College gathered in the library with the intention of improving conditions throughout the school.About 30 students, comprised of year 8 and 9 Form Captains and SRC members, spent the last day of term one analysing survey results as part of a new project called ‘Teach the Teacher’. Aimed at improving school conditions across the board, each student in the program interviewed a random sample of the students from years 7 to 12, asking a series of questions ranging from teaching styles to class sizes."Some of the feedback we received was very useful, such as more places for year 7 to hang out when it rains," said Jeff Holmberg, 13. "A lot of people felt that the canteen prices could be cheaper," added Tegan Arthur, 15. "There were also suggestions to changes the uniform policy, to be more gender inclusive."While many of the students who were surveyed provided quality feedback, there were some who didn’t take the exercise seriously."We’ve had a lot of immature answers," lamented Jeff."And some answers haven’t been thought through very well, such as class sizes," added Lockie Murray, 15. "If we have smaller classes, it would mean more teachers would be needed, which isn’t an option. But some comments have been seriously thought through. "The students collated their results and will present their results to the SRC in term 2."The SRC will then try and complete as many of our suggestions as possible throughout the year," concluded Tegan

Teach the Teacher


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Photos courtesy of The Portland Observer