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Friday 30 June

Last day of Term 2

2.30pm finish.


TERM 3  2017


Monday 17 July

First day back Term 3


Wed 18 July

GWR  Year 7&8 boys  AFL in Ballarat

GWR Year 7&8 Badminton in Ballarat

GWR Year 7&8 girls Netball Ballarat


Thursday 20 July

GWR Intermediate & Senior boys AFL in Ballarat






At Portland Secondary College language development is fostered through programs that are relevant to the everyday lives of our students.  This is encouraged through the provision of good models of oral and written language.  Listening, Writing and Reading are seen as fundamental ways of widening and extending experience, and of creating opportunities for complex thinking.  These skills are emphasised in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards dimensions of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  Value is placed on the skills of reflection, evaluation, analysis and critical appreciation.


Through literature (which includes Film as Text), students are exposed to a wider range of experiences and values beyond their own. This is designed to deepen their understanding of the society in which they live.


It is the goal of this College that by the end of compulsory schooling students will be able to listen and speak with a high level of proficiency according to their developing maturity, and will have developed reading and writing skills which will support their own learning needs and a wide range of life’s purposes.


Students from non-English-speaking backgrounds are also catered for with recognition and support for the differences in background, schooling, cultural experiences that they may bring to a mixed-ability classroom.


Students with particular interests in aspects of English are able to develop skills through a negotiated curriculum which allows for flexibility in interest and ability ranges. Team teaching and matched classes enable students to have some say in the areas of study in Years 7 – 10. The Year 10 Curriculum is modelled on the VCE programme to prepare students for the requirements and workload, while still providing team teaching and flexibility options.