Intercultural Understanding

PSC is preparing students for work and life in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.  The Foundation for Young Australians study on the future of work predicts that young people will need skills in communicating with people of diverse backgrounds to be successful in the globalised work places of the future. At PSC, we build an intercultural mindset and capability in teaching and learning programs across the College and in all year levels.

For example, the Indonesian language classroom provides students a window to the world, helping students to not only develop skills in Indonesian language, but also to become intercultural communicators.  All students undertake two years of Indonesian language learning and have many opportunities to learn about and engage with Indonesian culture.  Exchange programs with our Indonesian sister school, SMP-5 Yogyakarta, deepen this connection.  Students also explore how Australia and Indonesia are interconnected by global challenges, including experiential learning about environmental issues, such as ocean plastic pollution.

In Year 10, students complete a semester-long study in Global Perspectives to develop awareness of the world around us and our place in it.  Humanities and English teaching and learning programs also build important intercultural skills of empathy and perspective taking.

Portland students may have fewer opportunities than those in urban areas to experience multicultural Australia, but the intercultural learning opportunities at PSC are helping to prepare students for success in our rapidly globalising world.