Student Leadership

Junior College Captains and Senior College Captains

These positions involve:

  • providing positive leadership for the student community
  • providing exemplary role models for other students
  • providing a voice for students within the College
  • representing the College at official functions
  • conducting or playing a significant part in College assemblies.

Form Group Captains

These positions involve:

  • organising teams for the inter-house and inter-form competitions
  • participation in the Student Representative Council
  • encouraging student participation in the school activities
  • providing positive leadership to the student community
  • being involved in presentations at assemblies.

Students’ Representative Council Executive

The Student Representative Council (SRC) provides a forum through which students can make suggestions and initiate projects which they feel will benefit the College community.  Committee membership is made up of interested students who are elected from each year level.  The executive consists of; President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The SRC gives students the opportunity to become actively involved in meeting procedure, fundraising activities, student issues and the College environment within a positive, encouraging atmosphere.  Accreditation is given to students who actively participate.  The staff member appointed to this position, works with the Students’ Representative Council giving guidance to the students’ involvement with College programs and decision-making bodies.  The coordinator therefore provides the focus and aid to the students wishing to initiate and undertake ideas, issues and fundraising programs for social, communal and scholastic needs.

PSC Leadership Development Rubric

PSC – Leadership Development Rubric

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