Year Level Leaders

Each Year Level has a Leader who is appointed for the year.

Year Level Leaders share with the Assistant Principals and the Principal the responsibility for supporting the College Council and its constituencies in the development and implementation of Administration and Management Policy and for ensuring that the reputation and standing of the College within its community is of the highest order.

Year Level Leaders and Mentors (one for each form at Years 7-9) assume overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of students.  At Senior School level students are allocated to a teacher mentor.  Students should ensure that they know their Year Level Leader and Mentor, who will be an important contact for them.

Parental contact with these people is encouraged and appointments with these staff can be made by telephoning the College on 5523 1344.

Year 7 Level Leader – Ms Emma Clignett

Year 8 Level Leader – Mr Ashley Elijah

Year 9 Level Leader – Mrs Lynne Hollis

Year 10 Level Leader – Ms Suzanne Patterson

Year 11 Level Leader – Ms Mara Satins

Year 12 Level Leader – Ms Debbie Cobby