College Council

This is a group that has representation from parents, staff and members of the community.   The College Council is the official governing body of the College.  It sets the College’s educational policy and controls the finance.  The College Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Council Constituting Order:


Parent representatives

Department of Education (DET) representatives.

Student elected representatives.

Community representatives (students and co-opted members as required).

College Council elections are usually scheduled for March of each year.

The Council has sub-committees for:

  • Finance & Administration
  • Curriculum & Student Services
  • Physical Services


Current School Council Representatives are:

Tania Matters– President

Rebecca Fraser – Vice President

Jo Kindred – Acting School Principal

Kirsten Mitchell – DET

Vicki Taylor – DET

Emma Speers – DET

Matthew Powell– DET

Milly Bayona – Student Representative

Sam Shelton – Student Representative

Angela Boness – Parent Representative

Angela Von Tunk – Parent Representative

Lesa Munn  – Parent Representative

Renee Dodson – Parent Representative

Tanya Tober – Parent Representative

Danielle McClintock – Parent Representative

If you would like to get involved please contact the General Office on 55231344.