Top Arts Excellence

Top Arts is an annual exhibition that displays exemplary works by students who have completed Art and/or Studio Arts Studies in the Victorian Certificate fo Education (VCE) in the previous year.  It is one of the most popular annual exhibitions held by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

In 2013 Portland Secondary College celebrates its 11th finalist in this prestigous exhibition from 1997 -2012.  In that time an additional seven students have also been shortlisted.  These achievements highlight the importance of the interaction between the teacher, the student and the task; and that the conditions that support high-quality instruction must be the focus of the school.  I congratulate all of the partners in these endeavours.

– Toni Burgoyne

Download the A3 TOP ARTS Poster.

Every year the Art Staff at Portland Secondary College welcomes a group of students into the hot house of creativity that is the Year 12 art room.  This journey begins in Year 7 and is characterised by a variety of quality teaching and learning experiences embedded in the curriculum.  We aim to allow each student access to a wide variety of quality materials, techniques and technologies, but above all, to be inspired by the professional excellence and passion of the art teaching staff.  As a like-minded team we work consciously in creative play with our students to help them develop their full potential and see the ‘big picture’ of life.  We are proud to recognise that even though we are a remote Gevernment school our students have achieved sustained success in regular selection in Top Arts, which demands work of the highest quality.

– Catherine Francis
  ARTS Key Learning Area Manager

What is the role of the teacher?  As a teacher we travel the Year 12 road closely with our students.  We guide them as they articulate their personal concepts, which underpin their artworks.  We introduce relevant historical and contemporary artists to explore.  We utilise the experieince of other teachers in the team.  We challenge our students to problem solve as hurdles and apparent dead ends are confronted.  We support as frustration and exhaustion sets in.  We challenge them to create additional layers and depth as new solutions appear.  In the end, we celebrate what is the oustanding personal achievement of being selected for Top Arts.

– David Burgoyne
  Art Teacher