Our Mission

Portland Secondary College is a forward-thinking, visionary state secondary school set in an 11.12 hectare regenerated bushland setting. The College is located in Portland, a coastal town of about 10,000 people. Located on a peninsula with ocean on three sides, the town is situated about 4 hours from Melbourne, towards the South Australian border. The rural city of Portland is growing and supports a range of professions and industries. Our student population of approximately 540 students consists of about two thirds townsfolk and one third bus travellers. The student gender balance of the College is fairly even.

Portland Secondary College is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all students, staff and members of our community. Our school recognises the importance of the partnership between our school and parents and carers to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, creating an inclusive and safe school environment for our students.

Portland Secondary College’s Vision Statement is to provide a safe and supportive learning community that offers all students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become successful, creative, resilient and respectful learners.

Portland Secondary College’s Mission Statement is to provide all students with opportunities to become creative, successful, respectful and resilient members of their local and global communities.

The mission of Portland Secondary College is to excel in the provision of broad, flexible and inclusive educational pathways for our students that highlight our strong sense of community and our continued tradition of excellence. This is achieved through a stimulating, comprehensive and challenging academic focus and is supported by specialist activities in sport, performing arts, debating, public speaking, student leadership, music and the arts. There is an emphasis on developing optimistic, resourceful and resilient global citizens for the future.

Portland Secondary College’s values are Respect, Success, Resilience and Creativity.

We treat ourselves and others with consideration, being courteous at all times and acknowledging diversity and rights of others.

We strive to do our best, being dedicated to learning and reaching our goals.

We take ownership of our behaviour and actions, persistently contributing in a positive way across all parts of the school.

We work together with a focus on positive outcomes, communicating effectively to inspire and support each other.

Despite its rural isolation, the College’s dedicated staff provide a wide range of special co-curricular programs that support and extend all students. A wide range of studies are offered at senior levels including VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning), VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) and School Based Apprenticeships. Supportive Leadership and high levels of staff morale and commitment leads to a quality education resulting in higher than normal academic results.

Portland Secondary College places a strong emphasis on the welfare and well-being of its school community with excellent transition, pastoral care and mentoring programs established. The College works extensively with eight feeder primary schools to assist and support transition from Primary School into the College. The College has adopted a sub-school structure, consisting of Years 7 and 8,Years 9 and 10, and the Senior School of Years 11 and 12; all of which provide the basis for student management with form mentors in place for all year 7-9 classes and senior mentors for all 10/11/12 students. In addition, the College supports a Re-engagement Program which caters for approximately 36 students who need different levels of support.

The College employs approximately 50 teaching staff and 30 Education Support staff, some of whom work part time. The staffing profile includes 3 Principal Class Officers, 2 Learning Specialists, 1 Leading Teacher and 40 teachers who are committed to a school improvement focus that extends and transforms teaching and learning to promote high levels of academic achievement. Our teachers provide an inclusive and personalised program to meet the diverse range of student learning needs. A differentiating curriculum approach supports students in their learning growth.

We are dedicated to building students’ potential for success and wellbeing through strong mentoring partnerships that emphasise all aspects of life that relate to the holistic development of a students’ talents, interests and goals. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that is conducive to each child achieving their personalised potential.

Student wellbeing is seen as critical in empowering students with social and emotional competencies to experience success and happiness in their lives. A comprehensive student wellbeing structure is in place throughout the College that focuses on student care. These teams coordinate a series of inclusive programs that build student self-worth, personal identity and relationships of mutual respect. Wee effectively monitor and compassionately support students at all levels of the College in regard to their individual and collective wellbeing needs. Student management is based on clear expectations, consistency and the development of self-discipline skills in students. These approaches contribute to students’ self-esteem and to their growing sense of the wider society.

An active College Council and various sub-committees including Finance, Physical Services, Curriculum & Student Services support the College and, in conjunction with the College staff, believe students should be challenged and extended, offered success in worthwhile learning and given the chance to take increasing responsibility for their own education.  The College welcomes enrolments from students with diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds and prides itself on teaching students to respect and celebrate differences. The College supports a number of Koori enrolments and enjoys a close relationship with a variety of support services for the Koori community. Additionally, the College extensively assists approximately 20 funded students who require Disability and Impairment support as well as providing additional Literacy and Numeracy to all students who require a little extra assistance. Extension and Enhancement and Co-curricular activities are also offered at all levels.