Student Voice

Student Voice

Student Voice is not simply about giving students the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions. It is about students having the power to influence change. Authentic student voice provides opportunities for students to collaborate and make decisions with adults around what and how they learn and how their learning is assessed. This is known to lead to improved educational outcomes.

Student Voice at PSC

  • Students providing feedback to teachers through Attitudes to School Surveys.
  • Students providing feedback to teachers through Classroom Surveys.
  • Students providing feedback to teachers through PIVOT Surveys.
  • Teachers using the above feedback to diagnose and inform practice improvement.
  • Class discussions on student and whole school issues.
  • Student feedback forums.
  • Exit tickets from the classroom where students explain or question the day’s learning.
  • Individual feedback discussions with students.
  • Parent/teacher/student interviews.
  • VCAL Personal Development Projects.
  • Passion Based Learning.
  • Individual Learning Plans.
  • Major Projects such as the Graffiti Wall in conjunction with Glenelg Shire grant or VCAL Building Projects with Alcoa.
  • Students developing own rubrics for assessment.

Student Agency

Student Agency refers to the level of autonomy and power that a student experiences in the learning environment. Student Voice and Agency are intrinsically linked. Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their learning creating independent and self-regulating learners.

Student Agency at PSC

  • Negotiated curriculum.
  • Passion/Project Based Learning.
  • Student Goal Setting.
  • Career Action Plans.
  • Student contribution to policy development.
  • Student Merit and Equity Trained and serving on Staff Selection panels.
  • Peer Mentor Program.
  • WRS Workplace visits.
  • Individual Learning Plans.