Welcome to the Portland Secondary College Library.

9:00am – 4:30pm Monday
8:30am – 4:30pm Tuesday – Friday

Open during lunchtime every day, and before school and at recess most days.

The library is a vibrant, essential part of Portland Secondary College’s learning community. When people enter the PSC Library for the first time, they comment on how big & bright the space is.

Students gather before school to read the newspapers and have a quiet catch up. At recess and lunchtime students play cards and board games, read quietly or catch up on homework.

During class times, up to two classes can be using the library for researching, reading silently or other tasks. VCE students can also work quietly and independently in their study area. The library staff collaborate with teaching staff to assist students develop information literacy skills, and support students with a range of activities from finding an interesting book to read, helping them find resources for assignments or assisting with homework.

The library provides a range of recreational reading resources for students and staff and a variety of resources to support curriculum areas. The library has a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, including manga, downloadable PDF books, biographies, and magazines to select from and borrow. The school also has an online library of eBooks and audio books available 24/7 as are resources such as World Book online, Clickview and Echo, an invaluable tool for researching current issues. These are easily accessible via the Library Web App link in Compass.

In order to support the school’s focus on literacy, there is a daily whole school reading time. This is held for 10 minutes straight after lunch each day, and students are welcome to visit the library and borrow so they have something to read during this time.

The library remains open after school for students to study. There is a “Homework Program” which is supervised by a staff member to provide study assistance every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 4:30pm. This year some of the tutors have also been offering sessions in the library after school.

It is a “shared space” that aims to provide an environment that is conductive to study for senior students and active research for classes and small groups. The library supports the learning and teaching goals of our school by providing facilities, resources and materials to support improved learning outcomes.