PSD and additional needs

Portland Secondary College actively promotes acceptance of individual differences, rights and potential under the principles of equal opportunity. Our support for students with disability or additional needs operates under the guidelines of the Program for Students with Disability and Inclusive Education through the Department of Education and Training.

Students with diagnosed disabilities or additional needs are part of an inclusive program that promotes individual success at school.  The program may offer curriculum support or adjustments, individual support in the classroom or for attending events, camps or excursions, or additional small group interventions to build independence and confidence in all areas of learning.  Through this additional support, and working collaboratively with families and the community, all students have capacity to achieve successful outcomes.

Specific student goals are set and evaluated by each student’s program support group (SSG), which includes the student, parent or carer, advocate (if requested), and education support staff. This group meets once per term or more often if required.

We are open to conversations about the best supports for your student and will seek the resources required to meet those needs.

To find out more about the PSD and inclusive education programs, please click HERE.