Tech Studies

Technology Studies provide students with experiences that are essential in our constantly changing technological world.  Technology Studies encompasses all other aspects of the curriculum.  Technology has a number of dimensions including: information, materials and systems, and there are clearly identified links between these dimensions and all other studies offered at Portland Secondary College.

Technology education gives students the knowledge and skills to produce quality products that solve problems or meet needs.  It involves students studying materials, electronic, mechanical, foods and other technological systems and also examining the effects the use of particular technologies or processes have on society and the environment.

Technology Studies will form an integral part of the total curriculum and will offer students a range of technological experiences.

Technology education aims to develop in students:

  • a systematic and creative approach to generating technological solutions
  • the knowledge and skills to use a variety of equipment and resources
  • an understanding of the principles for safely operating equipment
  • the ability to explore and assess the past and potential consequences of using technology
  • a sense of self-confidence and self sufficiency in dealing with technology.

Students gain a knowledge and appreciation of the roles that people play in using technological systems.  Positive outcomes include an appreciation of the environmental, social and economic issues related to the increasing use of technology.

A problem solving approach is nurtured through investigation of a problem, trialling possible solutions, developing schedules of work that are inclusive of correct use of tools, equipment, machines and materials and producing a product which is evaluated in terms of the original problem.

Students at Portland Secondary College can experience the three strands of Technology in the following core and extension subjects.

Materials – Food, Textiles, Wood, Metals, Plastics, Welding/Metal Fabrication, Engineering

Systems – Engineering Tech., Engineering Systems

Information – Wikis, Widgets & Blogs, Information Technology