The Arts

The Arts provide a range of stimulating and distinctive experiences for students essential to their total development. The Arts allow us to explore our own feelings and ideas in ways that are not possible in other forms. The development of specific techniques and skills and the emphasis on self expression increases our perceptual awareness and appreciation of our cultural heritage. We have multi-talented staff who work closely together offering a range of high quality arts experiences and opportunities.


Our annual School Production is a showcase for the dramatic talents of our students. Music had been for many years a strength at P.S.C with our senior, junior and school band, vocal groups and rock bands that perform at many school and public engagements. Our Art Department runs many classes that include photography, media and video, 2 and 3 Dimensional studies as well as very successful V.C.E. classes. We have had students selected many times for the prestigious Top Arts show at the National Gallery.


The range of Arts experiences include opportunities to:

  • To compose, perform and listen to music
  • Instrumental lessons available
  • Communicate ideas and information through symbols, plans and diagrams
  • Explore , express and communicate their experiences through drama
  • Analyze how reality is constructed in the media
  • Communicating ideas through video and audio and animation programs
  • Make a range of 3 dimensional sculptural forms including ceramics
  • Learn about the Arts in many cultures
  • Reflect on and analyze the meanings and messages in a range of artworks
  • Understand the messages carried in a variety of graphic communications
  • Learn how to use a SLR camera and use darkroom printing techniques
  • Make a range of 2 Dimensional art forms such as painting, photography, drawing, printmaking and stencil art
  • Access  a class set of lap top computers with a range of software and use  of interactive white boards and digital cameras.



  • Annual School Production
  • Instrumental classes
  • Term 1  – Chalk Art Day
  • Music Tour to Ballarat and Melbourne
  • Annual Music Concert
  • Term 2-  Annual Top Arts Tour to Melbourne
  • Art Competitions
  • Term 3 –  Annual smART art exhibition Years 7-11 at Portland Arts Centre
  • We regularly have students selected for the annual National Gallery of Victoria ‘Top Arts’ exhibition
  • Term 4 – Stencil Art Day
  • Airbrush tuition Workshops
  • Term 4 – Annual Year 12 Art Exhibition at Portland Arts Centre
  • Visiting artists and experts
  • Visits to local and regional Art Galleries.